Thermal Cup

Thermal Cups, EPS, 180ml

Thermal Cups

EPS foam cups offer good insulation and are available with custom print at a minimum order of 50,000 cups.

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6 PS Custom Print
Article No. Product Packaging
#5574 Thermo Cup, EPS, 180ml, White 40x25
#5768 Thermo Cup, EPS, 200ml, White 50x20
#5600 Thermo Cup, EPS, 250ml, White 25x40
#5769 Thermo Cup, EPS, 350ml, White 25x40
#5578 Lid, Thermo, PS for 180ml, 75mm, Transparent 100x10
#5770 Lid, Thermo, PS for 200ml, 80mm, White 100x10
#5765 Lid, Thermo, PS for 250ml, 84mm, White 100x10
#8538 Lid, Thermo, PS for 350ml, 93mm, White 100x10


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