Compostable Cup

PLA Compostable Cup

PLA Compostable Cup

The coating of this cup is made of PLA material derived from maize starch and is compostable. It makes both production and disposal of this cup sustainable. 

Available to custom print, subject to MOQ (minimum order quantities).

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Gastro-Line Food Safe 21 PAP 7 PLA 7 PLA
Article No. Product Packaging
#132352 PLA Compostable Cup, 240ml, Printed - Nature - Beige 50x20
#132353 PLA Compostable Cup, 360ml, Printed - Nature - Beige 50x20
#132355 Lid, Coffee Cup, 240&330ml for PLA cups, 80mm, Beige 50x10
#132356 Lid, Coffee Cup, BIO, 360&480ml for PLA cups, 90mm, Beige 50x10


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