Explanation Of Symbols

The Nordic Swan Eco-Label

The Nordic Swan is a Nordic ecolabel recognised world wide for it’s strict standards. This ecolabel guarantees that special consideration has been given to the environment, climate, quality and sustainability from raw material processing to production, use and disposal of the finished product. In order to get a license to label a product or service with the Nordic Ecolabel, the manufacturer must meet strict requirements concerning documentation, raw materials, preparation process, product composition and safety. the license number of each product can be found at AbenaOnline.


Food Packaging Association

The Foodservice Packaging Association promotes the interests of manufacturers, distributors and buyers of single use, disposable foodservice packaging used to serve food and beverages to the public away from home. The FPA encourages the use of disposable foodservice packaging by promoting and encouraging further development of its superior performance with respect to hygiene, safety, convenience, economy, reducing food waste, environment and sustainability.


Forest Stewardship Council

FSC LogoFSC is an international ecolabelling organisation which deals with forest products. FSC certified products are made of raw materials from protected, sustainable forests where only volume that can be reproduced by the forest is harvested and the traceability and integrity of the ecolabel are maintained through comprehensive control measures. At the same time, the FSC ecolabel guarantees that animals and plants are protected, that the people working in the forest do so with proper working conditions, training, safety equipment etc.



The Wine Glass and Fork Symbol

Wine Glass and Fork SymbolThe wine glass and fork symbol is a labelling introduced by the EU which shows that the product in question is safe for food contact. When a manufacturer or a dealer chooses to label its products with the glass and fork symbol, the company automatically becomes the subject to rules relating to food safety, materials, traceability, labelling etc. It has to be possible to prove to the relevant authorities that all rules have been complied with.



Custom Print

Custom PrintThe Custom Print label is used to identify which of our products are available with customized printing, based on the buyers request. Different Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) apply. Contact Abena for MOQ on a specific product when not stated in the catalogue.








Din Certco

Din CertcoDIN CERTCO is a certification organisation based in Germany, which deals with i.a. compostable products of biodegradable materials. Products in Abena’s product range which have been labelled with the certification standard DIN EN 13432 are biodegradable, with at least 90% of the organic materials transformed into CO2. The degradability of the materials may not have negative consequences for the environment as far as plant growth etc. is concerned.

Grüne Punkt (the Green Dot)

The Green DotDer Grüne Punkt (the Green Dot) means that the packaging can be recycled and reused.

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