Custom Print Cups!

We now offer Custom Printing on a variety of Coffee Cups! Below is a full breakdown of the printing process.

Getting your brand into the hands of your customer is done efficiently by printing your logo on hot cups!

The first thing to do, is choosing the right type of cup for your needs.

We offer you a full range from our premium ripple wrap or environmentally conscious PLA cups to heat insulating double wall and economically conscious single wall cups, offering you optimal conditions to print your logo on.

Having chosen the correct cup for your needs the next decision is whether to Flexo or Offset print. Next step is the preparation of an art work for Abena - placing your logo and graphics onto the cutter guides provided by us. Once this is done, the art work is handed over and the contract is signed, your only task is to wait while Abena produces your cup!

There are lots of possibilities of custom printing, why we have tried to give an overview of the process that should answer many of your initial queries. You can read more about the various cup types in the following pages.

* = Minimum Order Quantity

Idea Start Up

I want to make a Custom Print Cup.

Choice of Cup Type Week 1 

Single Wall PLA

Environmentally Friendly
MOQ* 100,000

Ripple Wall

Ideal Insulation
MOQ* 25,000

Double Wall

Ideal Printing

Single Wall

Ideal Price

Choice of Printing Technique Week 1 
Flexo Printing
4/6 Colour Max
Minimal evaporation risk
Unlimited Colours
Offset only recommended for small logos because risk of smell
Choose Delivery Speed Week 1 
14-15 Weeks
Cost Effiecient
6 Weeks
Speed Efficient
(possible for Single Wall and Double Wall only)
Receive Abena Offer Week 2 
Review and accept offer
Hand in Art Work Week 2 
Prepare Art Work in .PDF and .AI formats in high resolution
Remember the Pantone Colour Codes
Delivery Contract Week 3 
Sign a Delivery Contract for the desired amount with your local Abena Sale Representative
Abena is Working Week 16 
Quality Control
Transport to YOUR warehouse Week 17-18 
1-2 weeks depending on location and quantity
New Cup Arrival Delivery 
You receive the finished product, enjoy the coffee/tea!

Customise your cup

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