Catering Disposables

Our range of catering disposables encompases numerous products, from custom print Coffee Cups to Biodegradable Sugar Cane Plates

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Coffee Cups Range

Coffee Cups

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Drinking Cups

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Our Concept

Quality and Wide Product Range

Our product mix of foodservice and catering products covers any need for both food production and serving within the professional kitchen, as well as the household and the modern fast food stand. To ensure high quality at the right price, we choose only suppliers who guarantee the quality of their products - never compromising food safety.

Enviromental Impact

Many share the opinion that disposable products have a greater impact compared to conventional tableware. However, it is important to consider energy consumption from production and disposal and compare it with the energy consumption for production and washing of multi-use articles over their entire product life time.
Our range also includes compostable sugarcane, maize starch and paper products, as well as products with the Nordic eco-label and the FSCĀ® label.

Own Production

The challenge of balancing the right quality, price and lead time can be challenging for a wholesaler. Therefore we have chosen to go new ways by acquiring our own production facilities. Abena is 100% owner of Rul-Let which manufactures aluminium foil, baking paper, and cling film. Its location close to our HQ ensures a high level of control and security of supply. Apart from converting, lately we have invested in paper cup manufacturing and produce among others our trade mark Coffee Beans Cup (131623).

Two Product Series

The Gastro-Line products include all of our serving and takeaway products. All products maintain a high quality level and can be used by professionals. Many of the products are packaged in consumer sizes ideal for cash and carries as well as super markets. The range contains hot cups, drinking glasses, cutlery, plates etc.
Cater-Line is our product series designed for professional kitchens and catering companies. Cling film, aluminium foil, aluminium trays, and baking paper comprise the range. Our brands stand for extra quality and feature a number of products that are exclusive to Abena. All products have uniform packaging with clear application instructions. Note that the products may vary from the pictures shown.

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