About Abena Re-Seller

Abena Re-Seller is an independent division of the worldwide Abena Group, which was established in Denmark in 1953. Our chief aim is to source the best disposable products to the absolute best prices all over the world.

Our core competences are within health care products, but we also use our expertise to source other quality consumer products. Using Abena’s worldwide sourcing organization, we source our products from China, Vietnam and Turkey, or any other place in the world, where the quality and price are satisfactory. We offer the best price/quality ratio available anywhere in the market. Compared to our competitors, Abena Re-Seller can supply exactly the same quality but at a more competitive price.

We are not only experts in worldwide sourcing, but also in conducting strict and detailed quality control. This can only be achieved through our local Abena sourcing offices that possess hands-on knowledge about local language and business culture.

For more info please visit www.Abena.co.uk

Your Benefits

Buying from Abena Re-Seller offers a unique set of benefits to you the purchaser, these include:


  • Direct local sourcing
  • Local quality control by Abena staff
  • High end / low cost products
  • Fixed quality levels
  • First to introduce new products
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Quality control on all containers
  • Stable deliveries



Quality Control

As an individual part of our process of quality control, a quality audit is carried out by our local staff at each production factory. So Abena Re-Seller can secure an consistantly high quality and at the same time a stable supply of any factory product.
The credibility of Abena Re-Seller creates a profitable business for you. This is the reason why the quality assurance process includes everything from design, production, development and documentation.

  • 5 sourcing offices with local staff
  • 20 local sourcing and quality control employees
  • Abena staff conducts all quality control of the supplier
  • Own production in 3 countries
  • State-of-the-art production facilities



Sourcing & Purchasing

To get the best possible price is an important competitive factor for our customers. Therefore, the detailed price negotiations with individual plants is very important. Our own team of local experts hired for each product area to research the market for the absolute best supplier for each product.
A risk analysis and investigation of prices filter the potential supplier until three are left, they are then inspected and the best price is negotiated.
The selected supplier will receive an invitation to the local Abena to visit the office, here the contract is signed with the final best price. All the unmissable permits and final negotiations are handled by locally employed Danish bureau chief.



  • 10 Global Category Managers
  • 60 dedicated purchasers based in Denmark
  • 40 Local Product Managers based in the local markets
Germany,The Netherlands